The Company

As many other family businesses that produce high quality products, Suomen Kiuaskivi has a long history. The discovery of a valuable stone deposit in the early 1980s was partly luck, and through hard work and thorough investigation the most suitable product for the purpose was developed, the sauna stone.

The company was founded in 1982 by Pentti Moilanen. Pentti had spent his lifetime in the military band in Mikkeli and founded Suomen Kiuaskivi Ky when he retired.

After Pentti Moilanen passed away his daughter Pirjo took the responsibility for the company in 1991. Pirjo and her family moved from Seinäjoki to Ristiina to continue Pentti's life’s work.

Today the company is more modern than it was almost 30 years ago when it started, and indeed a significant part of our stones are now sold outside the Finnish borders.

Customer relationships that have lasted for decades and regular customers who faithfully come from other provinces in Finland to get stones every summer, speak for themselves.

Despite globalization and the years passing the company's key idea still remains. The goal is to bring the customers tested and safe high-quality sauna stones just like Pentti Moilanen planned it in 1982.