For smoke saunas and aitokiuas stoves

Aitokiuas stoves and smoke saunas are only heated once, after which the heat from the stones must last for several hours. Otherwise you have to heat the sauna again or stop bathing.

The properties of the Suomen Kiuaskivi Olivine stones are particularly suitable for both smoke saunas and aitokiuas stoves. Especially in single-heating stoves and smoke saunas, the stone’s ability to absorb and withstand heat has a big role.

What is the significance of the sauna stones’ ability to absorb heat? What does it have to do with the weight of the stone?

  • A general rule is that the stone’s weight tells of its ability to absorb heat. The ability to absorb heat tells how much heat a hot stone can dissipate, i.e. a high ability to absorb heat means lasting heat in the sauna.

What does the stone’s ability to withstand heat have to do with going in the sauna?

  • In single-heating stoves the fire is directly in touch with the surface of the stones. This heats them very fast and very hot, and if the stones’ ability to withstand heat is weak, they will weather.

Where can you buy Suomen Kiuaskivi smoke sauna stones or aitokiuas stones?

  • Smoke sauna stones are not sold in hardware stores, as the quantities bought at once are large and people often want to choose a selection of stones of their own with both larger and smaller stones in it. Smoke sauna stones can be bought directly from Suomen Kiuaskivi’s packing department in Ristiina, where everyone can choose the number and size of the stones freely. All Suomen Kiuaskivi stones are also suitable for aitokiuas stoves and they can be bought from our retailers’ stores, whose information can be found in the Retailers tab.